Vaseline wants Indonesian women to trade up their lotions to the new premium Vaseline line. How do we market the product to different segmentations, produce more relevant content that hits the spot with the right people?

Tapping into a new breed of driven progressive women who have stepped up their game and made successful careers out of their passions with different level of exposure to their mental state and skin.   #StepUp serves as an inspiration to all Indonesian women and challenge them to #StepUp their game, both in careers and in their choice of skincare. 
The campaign gave a new fierce facelift for the brand, a new edgy tone & spirit, that soon became the talk of the town. It was the stepping stone for the brand in becoming memorable and distinctive in the sea of sameness in Indonesia's  beauty category.

Digital Campaign Video, collaborating with three leading women in their respective industry to represent the three premium lotions. 

30 Sec Cut-downs for each KOL and the paired lotion

Social Media Content & engagement

Creative Group Head: Evelyn Wongsosaputro
Art Director: Evelyn Wongsosaputro, Maura Soewarna
Copy Writer: Evelyn Wongsosaputro, Maura Soewarna
Designer: Marco Adriaansz
Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia
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