Anti-ageing products has always been perceived as products for “old people”, while the truth is you should be starting to take anti-ageing seriously from your 20s. So how can we weave Pond’s Age Miracle regime into our younger audience’s skincare routine?

"#NeverStopGlowing Sekarang Untuk Nanti" 
(Eng: #NeverStopGlowing Now For Tomorrow)
A catchy educational music video containing a story, song, dance, and distinctive visual devices that is easy to recall and hold up to repeated views and changing trends. Emotionally connecting to our younger audience through a music video of a day-in-the-life story of a girl who realises her skin starts to change from an Instagram picture.

To further engage our audience and get them to remember the #NeverStopGlowing steps & regime, we created an Instagram filter dance challenge to get them to reenact the dance moves in the video. The song will be automatically played along with the lyric.

Creative Director: Evelyn Wongsosaputro
Art Director: Affan Ryandi
Copy Writer: Reagan Wijaya, Cessita Putri
Designer: Gratia Fidelina
Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia
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