As people limit their activities during the pandemic, Indonesian men feel false security when it comes to facial hygiene because many of them think that less mobility means less exposure to germs, bacteria, and virus. So how do we get Indonesian men to understand the importance of taking care of their facial hygiene during the pandemic despite the fact that they have less mobility?

(Eng: #GermsGoneGameOn)
People know that washing your hands can protect them from bacteria and germs but they often overlooked the fact that the bacteria and germs got transferred from touching their face.​​​​​​​ #KumanGoneGantengOn educates our Pond’s Men that touching our face can spread germs and bacteria that causes acne. Hence, you need to make sure to keep your face clean and get your game on by washing your face with Pond’s Men Acne Solution that kills germs and bacteria in 10 seconds.​​​​​​​

Following the digital videos, we launched #KumanGoneGantengOn instagram filter to engage our audience and immerse themselves in. The gamified instagram filter challenges you to avoid the dirty objects to touch your face. Beat the top scores and you will get a chance to win a prize.
After the engagement phase, we amplified the campaign with KOL reacting on their own videos/ vlogs, counting how many times they touched their face in one video. This further proves that we cannot avoid touching our faces and need to always keep our faces clean from germs & bacteria by washing them with Pond's Men Acne Solution!

Chief Creative Officer: Adrian Miller
Creative Director: Evelyn Wongsosaputro
Art Director: Andrew Suryadinata, Karin Elias
Copy Writer: Ayunda Nurvitasari
Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia
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