In commemoration of the series of World Water Day and World Earth Day, Ades in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy Indonesia wanted to express their appreciation to individuals who have a commitment in maintaining preservation of water. 

"Ades Water Heroes"
Nature documentary series about individuals who carry out activities that have a major impact in helping the community to manage, maintain, and guarantee the sustainability of water by providing sustainable solutions: 
The story of Romo with his Micro Hydro Electric Power Plant to support rural areas with electricity and the story of Sugeng Handoko with his reservoir to help Nglanggeran village from draught. 

Ades Water Heroes: Nusa Tenggara Timur

Ades Water Heroes: Yogyakarta

Creative Director: Wirastomo Hadi
Creative Group Head: Evelyn Wongsosaputro
Art Director: Ichsan Satyagraha
Copy Writer: Dewi Sutrisno
Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia
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