Launch campaign for Pizza Hut's New Limited Time offer Black Meat Monsta Cruncheeze - soft black pizza combined with crunchy cheese crust. 

"A Harmonious Combo"
Using "Orchestra" as a visual device to communicate the harmonious & luxurious "soft inside and crunchy outside" eating experience. The "Cruncheeze" sound becomes a beautiful melody that further escalate the musical composition. 

Key visual

Amplifying the campaign with the Black Meat Monsta Cruncheeze Instagram filter gamification where audience can try and "taste" the crunch through audio-visual experience. 

Chief Creative Officer: Adrian Miller
Creative Director: Evelyn Wongsosaputro
Art Director: Affan Ryandi, Jonathan Ronaldo
Copy Writer: Reagan Wijaya, Cessita Putri
Agency: Ogilvy Indonesia
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